Take the next step in AI

AI Hub is a networking, collaboration and innovation place for entrepreneurial innovative communities, business actors and policy makers.

Take advantage of each other's strengths

Together AI.hub build a network for companies that are interested in the respective countries’ markets and competence.

The network provides advice and direct contacts to serious partners, investors, universities and large companies.


The AI.hub is a meeting place

The AI hub is a meeting place where companies meet universities and exchange experiences around AI.

The AI hub forms the basis for networking between business and university institutions where students can find exciting internships, where employees in companies can get their needs to build skills around AI.


We find ways to collaborate

AI hub gives you contacts and inputs you cannot get anywhere else. The hub offers collaborations with companies, leading universities and corporate/science parks all around the world, primarily with a focus on AI.

The goal is to develop a world class cooperation in the AI area.

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